What Kind Of Material Is 3D Solid Wallboard Environmental Protection

- Feb 12, 2020-

What kind of material is 3D solid wallboard environmental protection

3D solid wall panel is another method of Justin 3D produced by Justin building materials. Its material is PC alloy polymer material

With environmental protection and safety, waterproof, fire, moisture, compression and other functions

It can be used for:

Indoor three-dimensional theme wall decoration, such as: TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedside background wall, company logo background, etc

Outdoor three-dimensional doorway, exterior wall decoration, such as: wedding studio doorway, hotel doorway, store store doorway, etc. 3D three-dimensional wallboard is a kind of new decorative board made of pure plant fiber technology, which is very environmentally friendly! As for the effect used in the background wall of TV, it depends on personal preference. The three-dimensional wallboard is mainly characterized by fashionable aspects, If you like the retro type, you won't think it's good. In addition, the three delivery boards are flexible, DIY is spliced at will, and the three-dimensional feeling is very strong

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