What Is The Quickwood

- Dec 12, 2019-

  Quickwood is our brand, It is 4.5mm thin wood wall panels with strong adhesive tapes on the back. It is popular in 2013 from U.S, and it has been one of the most popular interior decoration materials in U.S market.

  It is a new concept product and market is blooming up, the peel and stick installation to make installation easily and quickly. And it is real wood, more and more people like wood products, as it will bring you warm feeling. The key point to lead to successful selling is this concept——1. just peel and stick with fast installation. 2. various colors and surface and installed patterns to create an unique wall 3. REAL WOOD. With unparalleled cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, and variety of styles, Quickwood is an innovative interior design solution with endless possibilities.

  There are total more than 40 colors with 6 different surfaces, and you can create a unique wall in your style.