To Make A Chevron Wood Wall

- Dec 02, 2019-

To Make A Chevron Wood Wall


By Irene Pan, Dec 1, 2019


Peel Stick Quickwood panels is a great product to make innovative design. This time I challenged myself to make a special design on my office wall-a chevron pattern.


Color match:  

Daily work is always busy and sometimes boring, which drives me to use some contrast colors to make the space alive.  Thus, dark grey and snow white are on my list.


Then, this new wood wall has to be well connected and in harmonious with the rest colors of the room, e.g. floor, furniture and the rest walls. To match the brownish reclaimed wood flooring and light brown nature wood furniture, it is good to have some brownish wood color in the wall too.  By mixing some brownish wood color with the dark grey and snow white tone, the wall looks more vivid too.


Lastly, some intermediate colors among dark grey, white and nature brownish wood color to make the whole wall look a bit gentle. So, there comes middle grey, light grey and hazelnut.


Challenge 1:

I have done several walls by peel stick wood panels in horizontal shape, either in single colors or mixed colors. But it still makes me nervous to think how to make a nice and neat chevron shape. Yes, the chevron pointing line has to be straight and vertical! It is a small piece of cake for the professionals, but a big job for a DIY amateur like me.


Thinking twice, I find a reference vertical line that comes across panels regularly as pic bellow, which means as long as the two points on the panel is on the line, the chevron shape will be vertical too.

Thinking twice

Measuring and Calculating the middle line and base line of the wall, I draw an actual line on the wall for reference.


Starting from the middle part of the wall, where I can handle and stick the panel by just standing on my feet, follow the reference wall, the chevron shape come really nice.


Challenge 2:

One headache of the chevron shape or fishbone shape is the cutting to fit the wall line and floor line. My experience says, there is no better way than doing carefully. An electrical saw is much better than a handsaw, if you’ve got an table round saw with adjustable angles, it will be the best.


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