How To Buy Interior Decoration Wall Panels

- Feb 12, 2020-

How to buy interior decoration wall panels

1. Modern people pay great attention to whether the decoration materials are green and environmentally friendly. Very toxic substances will cause great harm to human health. Therefore, most integrated wall brands are very green and environmentally friendly, and they use environmentally friendly materials to create more elegant and environmentally friendly products for consumers. In addition to paying attention to the environmental protection of integrated wall panels when buying, also pay attention to see if the electrical module is energy-saving and power-saving.

2. Quality of wallboards The quality of wallboards can be identified from the inside and outside. The intrinsic quality mainly tests the hardness of the surface and the firmness of the bonding between the substrate and the surface finish. Good-quality products have high hardness of the surface decoration materials, impact resistance, wear resistance, and scratches on the surface with a knife or other. No detachment from the substrate. The appearance quality mainly tests the degree of simulation, good quality products, realistic patterns, uniform processing specifications, free splicing, and good decorative effects.

3. Ask if the business is responsible for the installation of the board. Is the installation provided by the merchant or does the consumer need to find a master to install it himself. General merchants do not provide installation services, but for installation problems are sent to field guidance. Therefore, the installation of the board also requires great attention.

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